3 event planning challenges

and how to manage events better


event planning ain't easy

When you are in charge of an event, be it a corporate gathering, wedding, seminar, etc, you are likely to face these tough challenges. These challenges include information gathering, sharing information and miscommunication, resource allocations and booking.

You know the saying: "there is an app for that". Tinilo is a completely new free event planning app.
It quickly becomes your best personal assistant as it addresses these important challenges. 

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Information gathering

Your success depends on what you know. The more you know about the event the better. This includes information from those who will participate in the event, and information from those involved in delivering the event.
All this information should be available within a specific file or system for easy access, modification and follow up.


every event has a notes section

Resource allocation

For any event, allocating resources is one the of most important part of the job. 
There are several types of resources, of course. Event planners need to mind venues, equipment, catering needs. In addition to the physical assets, they also need to manage staff and service providers.

Staff is challenging, in particular, because you must absolutely avoid double booking. This is more an issue for professional event managers juggling multiple projects. It is a crucial one though. Double booking leads to the other major challenge: under staffing for an event. 

If your job is to manage venues, resource allocation also means avoiding double booking for your assets, your rooms and meeting places. Using a tool is critical. It records decisions. It allows you to adjust these decisions with confidence.


Sharing information

Miscommunication is lethal for any event planning business.
It is not enough to gather relevant information. The information must be up to date and shared with accuracy and timeliness. If you are in a team this is even more important and difficult to do. 
Use a cloud app where all the information, for every event, is centralized. Then all authorized team members can access and share the same information, in real time. This should also encourage everyone to include as much data as possible for each event.


Track multiple events, multiple projects.
Event planning, back scheduling, notes and reminders
Assign staff or people, avoid double booking.
Reserve assets like conference rooms, equipment, etc.

Free for personal and professional use.


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