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Getting Started

Tinilo is very easy to use. But it is also very powerful. You can use it in many different ways. These articles show how to do those important tasks to get you started. Read more

Multi-project tracking best practices

Unfortunately most would probably confuse the terms "tracking" and "monitoring". We often mean "monitoring" when we say "tracking". I know I do sometimes to sets people's expectations in a conversation or meeting. Monitoring sounds more passive and less important. It is neither. Read more

3 event planning challenges

Planning events, juggling fast paced requests, changes is difficult. What are 3 critical challenges and how to address them? Read more

How much do event planners charge?

A simple question with many answers. Let's see what is typical and how to consider the question in context. Read more

Goodfirms Endorses Tinilo as the Best Event Management Software

Tinilo, the all-inclusive event management system, is accredited by GoodFirms as the best Event Management Software.
GoodFirms is one of the most prestigious research, review, and listing platforms delivering top-grade services, enabling businesses to make better decisions.  Read more


Track multiple events, multiple projects.
Event planning, back scheduling, notes and reminders
Assign staff or people, avoid double booking.
Reserve assets like conference rooms, equipment, etc.

Free for personal and professional use.


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