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About us

  • Tinilo is software designed and published by Daxital Systems.
  • Daxital is a custom software agency. We usually create custom solutions directly for each client. 
    We love to bring tailor-made apps to life, with a focus on performance, security and privacy.
  • We believe software should be secure by default. It should respect your privacy, not share or sell your private information. It should "just work", especially when your business depends on it. 
  • Our mission is to help small and medium businesses with great technology and artificial intelligence in solutions easy to use.
    This is why, in addition to our custom contract work, we created Kinalta and Tinilo apps for everyone.
    Tinilo, in particular, was designed to be entirely free, forever, for personal and professional use. We do offer a custom version for enterprise clients, but almost everyone could and should use the free standard version.

Track multiple events, multiple projects.
Event planning, back scheduling, notes and reminders
Assign staff or people, avoid double booking.
Reserve assets like conference rooms, equipment, etc.

Free for personal and professional use.


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