Pricing is simple and straightforward.
Tinilo is free for personal and professional users
until the free lifetime promotion ends.


Free - lifetime deal promotion


for personal or professional use

The standard version includes

Unlimited Events and Projects

Unlimited Users

Staff booking

Asset, Equipment booking

Expense tracking

Event notes


For desktop, web and smartphones

* no ads, no sharing your private information
this promotion is available for a limited time.
when you start using Tinilo with the free lifetime promotion, it will never expire. 

Custom Version

Contact us

for enterprise clients only

Most people should use the standard version instead.

Tinilo is a software by Daxital systems

We create custom software for SMB

Cloud first, extra secure solutions

High performance systems

Highly available

Nothing to install on servers.

For desktop, web and smartphones

* use the contact link, bottom on this page

Pricing FAQ

There is no trial because Tinilo is free to use for a limited time.
All you need is your email to login.

There are two kind of staff profiles in Tinilo: Power Users and Staff.
Only Power Users can log in and edit data in the account. You may specify an unlimited number of Power Users. However, the more Power Users you create, the more difficult it is to manage your business. It is up to you to decide.

Because Tinilo is free, it is not obvious who owns the account. The rule is this: The person who created the account owns the account.
You login is your email address. You could create multiple Tinilo accounts, but this would get confusing quickly. We do not recommend it.
You should create one account per business or department only.

Yes you can, of course. You need to be the owner of the account -the person who created the account.
However, most times, since Tinilo is free, simply stop using it.
Contact us, if this is what you need to do.


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