Project and Event management

Unlimited events / projects
Unlimited asset tracking
Prevent assets, venues double booking

Manage staff

Unlimited users
Assign staff to events and projects
Prevent staff double booking


Use on desktop or mobile
Windows, Mac, Linux
iPhone, Android

Project Tracking

Always feel in control of current and future events
Tinilo helps you track any number of events or projects.
Select a target date, start time and end time for them.

Everything else is attached to an event. You can assign staff to any particular project. Likewise, attach assets like rooms, equipment, etc to any event.

tinilo calendar

Keep expenses under control
It is easy to track expenses for events and projects.
You may use this display as a quoting mechanism, cost calculator, or expense tracker.

tinilo expense
Milestones, To-do

Understand your events, outline phases
Every event / project may use milestones. These are specific markers in time you want Tinilo to remind you of.

You can choose fixed dates or back-scheduling automatic dates.

With back-scheduling, you decide how far before the target event date you want the milestone to start. Tinilo will calculate and auto readjust the date if needed.
For example, you can ask Tinilo to remind you 3 weeks before the event to get final confirmation for a venue.

tinilo milestone
Event Details and Notes

Always remember everything about each event
It is easy to add very long and detailed information about any event. 
In a separate screen, it is possible to add an unlimited number of notes, attached to each project.

Later, using the search features, similar to a "google search" inside the App, you can find notes, events, reservations etc.. 

tinilo details

General FAQ

It is unlimited. You simply invite your team members by adding them in the Setup panel. They will receive an email with instructions.

From any device : desktop, Mac, Windows, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android, from anywhere in the world.
Simply use a web browser and go to : https://app.tinilo.com
You can login from multiple devices simultaneously.

Yes. Tinilo is free to use. This is not a trial. You only need a valid email to login and access your account.
Why is it free? Daxital systems, the company behind Tinilo, is a custom software provider. We designed the app to be free to use. There is a custom version for enterprise clients, but almost everyone should use the free standard version instead.

You do not have to. There are two types of profiles in Tinilo:
- Staff
- Power Users
Only Power Users can log in the App, and edit records, reservations etc.. Regular Staff have records in the App, so you can schedule them, assign them to events or meetings. But regular Staff cannot log in the App or edit records.

First you login with a unique, one time code sent to your email. There is no password to remember, and nothing to hack. As a result, access to your account and data is extremely secure. Second, all transmissions are always encrypted between this storage and your device, anywhere in the world. Nobody can intercept and decrypt your data.
Third, all records are copied multiple times on different servers, to avoid losing them or corrupting them. 
We take your business records very seriously and their security even more seriously.

And yes, we are GDPR compliant (the toughest privacy rules in the world), so we follow a clear privacy policy, meant to protect users.

You can use Tinilo directly from your web browser.
However, it is very convenient to install a shortcut on desktop or on your smartphone.
It is very easy. Follow instructions to know how to install Tinilo.


Track multiple events, multiple projects.
Event planning, back scheduling, notes and reminders
Assign staff or people, avoid double booking.
Reserve assets like conference rooms, equipment, etc.

Free for personal and professional use.


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